The human being always emerges from the moment.
Especially during puberty there is a storm in the head.
Evolutionary Pedagogy is a way to support and bring order.

Puberty – a crazy time!

Puberty drives everything crazy. Just a child and now already on the way through the next door. Everything is crazy in the truest sense of the word. Crazy because during this phase of life, many new connections are formed in the mind and some things are sorted out.


Moodiness, zero buck, jumpiness, no motivation - the whole gamut of emotional outbursts is played out. It is a challenging time for the young people themselves, but also for their families. In this process of growing up, the group security is formed. The purpose of the act is in focus. It is about the balance between one's own individuality and the adaptation and behavior in the group.


The daily question during puberty?


Who am I and how can I stand by it? Excessive demandsLack of self-confidence, fear of failure or aggression are often the order of the day. This tangle of wires in the head coupled with the onset of sex hormones is an explosive mixture.


Movement is an outlet. Targeted exercise helps to bring more ease and orientation into this tense phase of life. Precisely in this phase young people need a lot of encouragement in order to confidently continue on the path to self-responsibility and independence.

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