Every phase of life needs its own balance.

From stress to overload

From stress and excessive demands to discouragement, helplessness, concentration problems, burn-out or the desire to finally take control of one's life. All these are fields of application for adults in evolutionary pedagogy. In order to survive in everyday life, we need balance to withstand the polarities in which our lives run. To keep the balance in order to live one's potential in everyday life and thus to make the right decisions for oneself is duty and freestyle at the same time. But it does not always succeed. Every experience needs its own physical, mental and emotional balance and some negative experiences prevent us from moving on.


Where is my stress? Where is my excessive demand?


As an adult, you already have many stations and associated experiences behind you. Self-set goals have been ambitiously pursued, but after a certain time they no longer feel as hoped for. Or you find yourself in repetitive situations and simply don't feel like getting back into the same waters. Who doesn't know the feeling that life is happening without oneself, that you are just functioning. Am I where I want to be? But where do I actually want to go? Can I really make the decision myself? Yes, you can.


Recognise and dissolve: Go with the flow!


Stress, excessive demands, concentration problems and a lack of delimitations are often the ingredients that force us into a destructive spiral and paralyse our ability to act.

A look back ahead can help you understand where you're getting in your own way and how to get off this mental merry-go-round. To get into action. To understand yourself and take responsibility for yourself and your actions. To actively participate in the flow of life.

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