You don't have to learn to learn, learning goes without saying. But only if we are balanced.

Contemporary learning support

Contemporary and modern learning support. This is how evolutionary pedagogy can be understood. The holistic approach allows learning difficulties and behavioral blockages to be recognized and solved. It is not a classical learning support, but it starts one step before. It deals with HOW is learned and not WHAT is learned. This creates the prerequisite for stress-free learning.


Learning support to avoid learning difficulties


Especially when starting school, situations often arise that make us nervous as parents. Why does my child copy wrong? Why does he twist the numbers? How does he remember where right and left are? My child can do everything at home, but at school it's all gone. Do they have to be put back in primary school?


Prevent learning difficulties


If the start is difficult, the joy of school is quickly over. Reading, spelling and arithmetic difficulties, concentration problems, stress when doing homework, never being able to finish within study hour, exam anxiety .... - all of these can multiply over the course of school life. Learning is a constant process. We always fall back on what has already been experienced. If your child has difficulties with one of the topics listed, he or she will gain negative experiences and confidence in his or her own competence will decline. But this does not have to be the case.

Sit still! Concentrate! Write more beautifully! – these are the statements that our children like to hear from us parents or teachers in addition to the above difficulties. But there is a reason why your child acts this way. And very often they simply can't help it.


Balance and movement = The foundation for learning


Thanks to modern research and the networking of various disciplines we know more and more how learning works and what it takes to learn without stress. The mental development is prepared on the physical level. In case of learning difficulties, it is filtered out on which level blockages are and these are then solved with targeted movement exercises.


The basis lies in the brain


In school, various competences are needed to be able to call upon our potential and to master the challenges set. Thus, a three-dimensional balance is needed. If we have this balance available, learning can be stress-free. A look at evolution in connection with findings from neurology and brain research enables us to establish this. Just as the body is designed crosswise, our brain is also designed crosswise. Evolutionary Pedagogy, as a contemporary learning support, ensures with its targeted exercises that the networking is given in order to manage situations stress-free.

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