M-8 Evolutionary Pedagogy® Karin Fürst, Klosterneuburg/Vienna
Evolutionary Pedagogy® uses knowledge about evolution and the latest findings from brain research and neurology to create a model that combines old and new knowledge. This frees up a scope of action that allows learning and behavioral blockages to be recognized and dissolved simply and efficiently.
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Accompany development

Accompanying development is an exciting thing. We, like our children, often face challenges that seem unsolvable. When we are stressed, we cannot communicate and behave as we would like to. Evolutionary Pedagogy® is a modern and contemporary method to solve these learning and behavioral blocks.


Learning and behavioral difficulties are also often a signal that dealing with letters and numbers is causing problems. If dyslexia/LRS or dyscalculia/dyscalculia are in the picture, a test based on a pedagogical-didactic approach provides clarity quickly and efficiently. Thus, two modern methods are used to solve learning and behavioral blockages. It is worth taking a look behind the scenes

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