M-8 Evolutionary Pedagogy Karin Fürst, Klosterneuburg/Vienna
With the knowledge of evolution and the latest findings from brain research and neurology, Evolutionary Pedagogy creates a model that combines old and new knowledge. This frees up room for manoeuvre which allows learning and behavioural blockades to be recognised and resolved simply and efficiently.
Evolutionary Pedagogy, learning counselling, practical pedagogy, developmental support for children, adolescents and adults, developmental support, developmental pedagogy, educational counselling for learning, learning blockades, concentration difficulties, conflict resolution, aggressive, school stress, dyslexia, dyscalculia, ADS, ADHS, bed wetting, behavioural problems, black-out, social behaviour, talent discovery, puberty, reading, writing. Klosterneuburg. Vienna.
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Evo... what? 

Evolutionary Pedagogy is a modern and contemporary method to solve learning and behavioural blockades. We know it from ourselves. When we are under stress, we cannot communicate and behave as we would like to. Our children feel the same way.


"Everything around school is a pain", "My child has a hard time detaching from me", "I am afraid to speak in front of people". If this sounds familiar to you, then you've come to the right place.

Find solutions

Understanding behaviour and promoting development in a targeted way: