Customer feedback M-8 Evolutionary Education Klosterneuburg, Vienna
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This is how we experienced it

Customer feedback

Kindergarten children: school readiness

I dare not


Our son Alex (5 years old) liked to play the bully in a protected environment. However, when he got into new situations such as a gymnastics class where he was supposed to participate without parents, he could hardly manage it or only with tears. This put a lot of stress on all of us, and under time pressure I certainly often did not react correctly. By chance I heard about Evolutionary Pedagogy. Alex had a lot of fun doing the exercises with Karin. And I learned a lot about myself and my child. In the meantime, he is much more successful in detaching himself from me. (Susi G.)

Kindergarten kids: freaking out

Freaking out becomes balancing out


I had very good experiences with Evolutionary Pedagogy with my first son, who was suspected of having dyslexia. With my second son Emil (5 years old), I sought support because he kept freaking out for reasons I couldn't explain. And he liked to do it in public. I tried Evolutionary Pedagogy again. It was a challenge. For as much as he could freak out, he closed himself off at the first session. With a lot of patience and empathy Karin found an approach and already after the 2nd session a clear change was noticeable. Since then he has been asking: "When are we going to Karin again?" It does him good and he is much more balanced. (Daria T.)

Kindergarten children: balance

Balance and school readiness 


We came to M-8 on recommendation. We noticed that our son (6 years old) tripped over his own legs and often had unfortunate falls. He also found it difficult to stand on one leg. After we were asked about this when we enrolled at school, we looked for support. We are surprised ourselves at how fast our son gets along. In the meantime he got off to a good start in first grade and he's much more balanced. (Petra L.)

Pupils: concentration difficulties / motivation difficulties

Not in the mood for anything


The second semester in grade 3 primary school was difficult for our son Max (9 years old). A bright boy but he could not motivate himself to do anything. He couldn't stick to anything in his free time and it didn't really work out with friends either. The result was shown in the certificate. We sought support from M-8. He liked going to Karin and he realised very quickly that it was good for him. We are very happy that we found this support. Because meanwhile he started successfully in high school. (Lisa L.)

Pupils: speed

I will never finish!


Our daughter Clara (9 years old) had a time problem. When she had to be in time for driving away, for going to bed, in the study lesson. Clara was always late. This put a strain on her and on us as a family. Then there was her issue with numbers. Mathematics is not her thing. I came across Evolutionary Pedagogy through Facebook and was very happy to have found something close to me. Clara found the sessions with Karin very special and we noticed how much she blossomed. She started to finish her homework in the learning sessions and this feeling that she could do it gave her a great boost. When she was tied with the best in her class on a math test, she was very proud. As parents, we notice that she has taken a big step and can deal with herself and her challenges much better. (Laura L.)

Pupils: pen holding, blue fingers & writing speed

Blue fingers


Our daughter Amelie (8 years old) is a very eager child. Her class teacher sent her to remedial lessons very soon in first grade so that she could write faster and more beautifully. She was proud when she was allowed to start with the new fountain pen. And very sad when it started to scratch and she got blue fingers and thus criticism from the teacher. I heard about M-8 through friends and wanted to support Amelie. It worked out well, because after a few sessions the scratching was gone and her fingers were clean. With the exercises, Amelie also writes more beautifully and faster. A great help for us. Thank you. (Julia K.)

Pupils: Reading



When my son Samuel (6 years) came home with his first homework, he was full of pride. He completed his first works quite neatly and with a lot of dedication. When it came to reading, however, I noticed that although he knew the letters, he recalled the words from memory and did not read them off the paper. I became nervous and asked for help. On a recommendation, I came to Karin. After a few exercises, the problem was solved – and I was reassured. (Flora G.)

Pupils: Self-confidence

I am good the way I am


Our daughter (9 years old) came to M-8 several times with the aim of getting her concentration problems under control. However, it also turned out that our daughter always hid herself under a bushel and did not dare to share her knowledge in class. She always came away from the meetings with Karin very invigorated and happy. Her self-confidence was greatly strengthened and she still benefits from it today. (Paula G., Vienna)