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Accompanying development - developing personalities


Accompanying development is an exciting thing for me. It's like watching a plant grow. I like people and I am interested in their stories behind them. There are many ways to develop people, to bring out and integrate layer by layer and to accompany them in this way. Evolutionary pedagogy with its toolbox is a valuable tool for development. It allows a different view on learning and behavioral blocks.

But what does development mean? It's not just about training, continuing education, and experiences on the outside. For me, development also means developing and experiencing oneself on the inside. In order to understand ourselves as a whole, it is important to become aware of our feelings. That we learn to perceive ourselves and to feel ourselves. Perceiving feelings, admitting them, looking behind them, then channeling them and articulating them in an appreciative and respectful way is an important learning step in development. Working out expectations lets us become clearer. It lets us mature and grasp our actions. It makes us understand ourselves as part of the whole.

If we succeed in developing, harmonizing and connecting inside and outside, we are in 'flow'. We can unfold our potential and live in harmony with our needs.

Problems always arise when a one-sidedness in thinking is aimed at. "Problems can never be solved by the same way of thinking that created them" (Albert Einstein). Thus, more of the same is not a solution strategy. It takes a different view of the current challenge to gain understanding and generate the ability to act. Development means taking responsibility for the consequences of one's own actions. We have to learn again to solve problems on our own. Falling down is not bad. Get up - straighten the crown - go on :-) This concerns us in the small as well as in the big. As a child and as an adult.

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